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July 12, 2022 3 min read

Made with love logo - what does it mean?

Made with Love logo - Pride UK journal

Have you seen our Made with Love logo? Everything at Powder Butterfly is made with love. This business is my baby and I put my heart and soul into every piece I design and manufacture.

But you may have noticed a new logo popping up on some of my products – the Made with Love logo.

This logo will appear on all my made-to-order products to signify that each and every ‘made with love’ item is manufactured specifically for the customer that places the order. Yes. You place an order and somebody, in our amazing fulfilment businesses, makes that product from scratch, especially for you.

Amazing, right? Talk about a personal service!

Made with Love logo - Pride UK tote bag
I want to order multiple ‘made with love’ products, what do I need to know about placing my order?

If you order more than one ‘made with love’ item, there is one small caveat.

Because each and every item is made from scratch when you order, we’re going to have to deal with the delivery process slightly differently. When you order more than one item we’d like to make sure they’re all posted out to you in one package. This means we're reducing your deliveries and our carbon footprint – everyone’s a winner.

So, if you order more than one ‘made with love’ item, please get in touch with us via ourcontact page. Then we can make that happen and look after our planet into the bargain.

If you order multiple items through the website, please be aware that they will all arrive at different times. This is because each item will be coming from a different supplier. 

Where will my ‘made with love’ products come from?

Here’s the clever bit. If you order from Britain, your products will be manufactured and shipped from our fulfilment company in Britain. If you order from Europe, the products will be manufactured and shipped from Europe.

In the US? Yes, manufactured in, and shipped from, the US.

Are you seeing the pattern?

As with everything I do at Powder Butterfly, I try my best to limit the impact on the planet. Working with fulfilment companies all over the world is just another notch in our sustainability belt.

Newcastle cushion from Powder Butterfly
How long will my ‘made with love’ products take to arrive?

As you can imagine, my ‘made with love’ orders take slightly longer to turn around than those products we keep in stock. For that reason, I ask you to be patient and allow around 4-6 working days from ordering your lovely gifts to the time they are despatched. If you choose express delivery your orders will get to faster if you need them in a hurry.

If you place an order which includes products form my made-to-order lines as well as my main lines of products, your deliveries will arrive separately and possibly on different days.

Can I use a discount code with your ‘made with love’ products?

Unfortunately, due to the very tight margins on these products we are unable to offer any discount codes for these products. However as we introduce new products we may offer discounts from time to time.

These will be offered via our newsletters, so make sure you sign up to our newsletters today to take advantage of these offers. 

What is the returns and refunds policy on your 'made with love' products?

As our 'made with love' products are bespoke the returns and refunds policy is slightly different from our other products. You can read more about our refund and returns policy here.

Why have you created a 'made with love' range of products?

My made-to-order products give you much more choice and the quality of the products is outstanding. I can’t wait to share them with you on social media and through my newsletters too!

Tempted to treat yourself or a loved one to a little something from my range of made-to-order goodies? Head over to thewebsite without delay!

If you have any feedback or questions about these new products please get in touch with us direct via our contact page here.

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