Celebrate the world-famous Staiths heritage site with our inspired collection. With hand-drawn designs that incorporate the historical site, you can find something to show your northern pride.

Featuring our hand-drawn designs across our unique range of products you can find something that shows off this historic and culturally significant architecture. Enjoy the Staiths alongside the view of the beautiful wildlife that calls the Staiths their home.

An Iconic piece of Northeastern architecture, the Staiths has been home to business and wildlife for over 100 hundred years. Thought to be the largest wooden structure in Europe, this Listed Building is an important part of Gateshead history. 

Grab one of our hand-designed prints to display this iconic part of history proudly in your home, or use our brand new 2-sided chopping board to bring a piece of that history to your kitchen.

Why not match some of this collection with our Newcastle collection to truly bring the pride of the North East into your home.