Angel of the North Mug


When you are driving into the North of England, one thing is for sure, you are going to come across the beauty of Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North sculpture. For 22 years this iconic statue has stood tall and proud, not only showcasing some fantastic design, but also an example of engineering and the rich heritage of the shipbuilding industry in the North East.

Newcastle Collection:

  • Limited Edition Angel of the North mug
  • Features a real gold handle & gold finished rim
  • Handmade in Britain by an established popular local British designer

The Angel of the North became a symbol of the pride and love for the North of the country, something that everyone took pride in, so, it made sense that we have made something to commemorate this amazing sculpture in all its glory. A beautifully made mug, it features a bold and intricate design that celebrates 20 years of the Angel of the North. It is also the ideal gift for someone who may be leaving the beauty of the North behind and you are looking for a way to help them to remember their roots.


The design was created by our founder Corinne Lewis-Ward. Corinne moved to the North East 22 years ago and the Angel of the North had just been installed when she started her first year at Northumbria University. The Angel has always held a very special place in her heart because of this and the very first design she created was of flying angels on her Newcastle tea towel design.

This design features Corinne’s son paying a visit to the angel on its birthday. Corinne has fond memories of visiting the Angel and said:

“The Angel of the North holds a very special place in my heart as it was installed the same year that I moved to the North East. I wanted to create a keepsake that illustrated my own emotional connection to the Angel and to the North East. I have visited the Angel on numerous occasions with my family and friends. And I can honestly say if you haven’t paid it a visit yet then this must go on your list.”

This mug is limited edition and we have limited stock left of this very popular design. It comes with a REAL gold handle, but you can also buy this mug without gold detailing too.


height 9.5cm

width 8.5cm

holds 1/2 a pint of liquid