Sycamore Gap Themed Gifts

Our Sycamore Gap themed gifts are a testament to an emotional journey and a deep connection to a profoundly treasured landscape. Nestled on its delicate surface is the iconic Sycamore Gap, captured in its original design. This very design came to life before the tragic felling of this beautiful tree, a place of personal pilgrimage.

The summer of 2023 marked a journey to Sycamore Gap, a dream come true, unbeknownst to what would transpire in September of that very year. s you hold this mug in your hands, you become part of a poignant celebration. It's a tribute to the enduring beauty of a location that has captured the hearts of not just the North East but has touched souls far and wide.

Pick from our Sycamore Gap Themed Gifts:

Mugs and Kitchenware

Keyrings and Prints

Tote bags for every day use

And more...

This Sycamore Gap themed Gifts collection is perfect the perfect gift for someone who loved Sycamore Gap, and wish to celebrate and honour it. You can also mix and match from the rest of our collections to create the perfect set of gifts for yourself, a friend or a family member.

Here are some of our favourite Sycamore Gap themed gifts

Sycamore Gap themed Gifts - Cushion
Sycamore Gap themed Gifts - Canvas Print
Sycamore Gap Themed Gifts - Glass Chopping Board/Placemat
Sycamore Gap themed Gifts - Ornament

ABOUT CORINNE LEWIS-WARD creator of Sycamore Gap Themed Gifts

Hi my name is Corinne nice to meet you – I am an artist, designer, mum of two – founder of Powder Butterfly; a design studio that creates a range of British contemporary homeware gifts.

I was born in London but moved to the North East 21 years ago. After studying photography at Northumbria University and then at Sunderland University, I knew I wanted to use my creative skills in a distinct way.

I’ve always loved mixing new technology with artisan techniques. And I wanted to create products that shared my love of different locations in the British Isles. British landmarks seemed like a good place to start, when I couldn’t find any high-quality souvenirs to buy for a friend of mine, I decided to create my own. The first product I created in 2012 was my Flying Angel tea towel, which celebrates the Angel of the North.

Having moved to Newcastle the same year the angel was built (1998), it felt fitting for me to begin with that particular landmark. This item was so popular that I created a whole Newcastle Landmark Gifts collection, adding the iconic Tyne Bridge, The Sage Gateshead, The Baltic Flour Mill and the Millennium Bridge to my distinctive range of designs.

I searched the country for manufacturers who shared the same ideals as me and found a handful who I still use to this day. All of our products are designed in Britain, using only the highest quality materials.

The next collection I developed was London – my hometown. Having moved around Britain myself, I know that people often have connections and affinities with different cities and places. This made me explore my hometown through the iconic architecture and tourist attractions of the capital. The reaction to the London gift collection has been incredible and I feel that it offers a true taste of British-made gifts for the gift and souvenir market.

I have now developed a Whitley Bay, York, & Farne Island (Puffins) collections. 2020 gave me an opportunity to create a Durham print and I am excited to expand this collection with further products in 2021.

With recent expansion to include Saltwell Park - Gateshead and Staiths in Dunston, Gateshead.

I am proud to say I have stockists nationally and internationally. I also have regular corporate clients that I produce bespoke gifts for. I love what I do and I can’t wait to share my creative journey with you all.

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