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About Us - Corinne Lewis-Ward Founder and Director of Powder Butterfly


I’m Corinne Lewis-Ward – artist, designer, mum of two – and I founded Powder Butterfly in 2012. I was born in London but moved to the North East 20 years ago. After studying photography at Northumbria University and then at Sunderland University, I knew I wanted to use my photography skills in a distinct but commercial way. My love of British landmarks inspired my work. The first product I created was my Flying Angel tea towel, which celebrates the Angel of the North.

Having moved to Newcastle the same year it was built, it felt fitting for me to begin with that particular landmark. This item was so popular that I created a whole Newcastle collection, which now has a wide range of products. The next collection I developed was all about London. Having moved around Britain myself, I know that people often have connections to different cities and places. This made me decide to explore my hometown through the iconic architecture and tourist attractions of the capital.
After this, Fenwick in York asked me to create a collection for their store. I incorporated the image of the unique Holgate Flour Mill amongst other beautiful architecture from the city. To create all of these designs, I work from original photographs to produce a product which represents the iconography of the city in a fresh, elegant way.



What we Do

Corinne is instrumental in the whole creative, production and retail process. After working from original photographs to produce something fresh and exciting with the iconography of the city, Corinne sources the materials, manufacturers, and fabricators from across the country to create something that will appeal to young and old alike, and to those with a taste for good design. From the start, her aim has always been to create a business that uses and celebrates British manufacturers and goods, and to create a durable, long-lasting product that people will cherish.


What we Love

Here at Powder Butterfly we love great design, beautiful British craftsmanship and collaborating with our tried and tested suppliers and manufacturers. Understanding the manufacturing process is a key element to making beautiful quality gifts, and we can’t wait to explore new ideas with our manufacturers. We love the delight and pleasure that we bring to our customers through our designs and products, whenever our customers give or receive our gifts we know that they will love them. Our products are the perfect souvenir for visitors to the capital, to the North East or any of our featured locations, or would make the ideal gift for those needing a reminder of their old home. We are really excited that plans are afoot to produce further beautiful designs and ranges that celebrate our wonderful cityscapes whilst keeping to our ethos of celebrating the best of British manufacturing.


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2 Responses

  1. Fiona

    I am delighted with my eye catching angel necklace. The service at Powder Butterfly is excellent. They went to the trouble of fixing the chain after my 2 year old snapped it and returned it to me in a beautiful gift box. If you are looking for stylish gifts that are a little bit different I would highly recommend Powder Butterfly.

  2. admin

    Thanks so much, Fiona, we are so pleased that we could help you continue to wear your Angel of the North necklace. We like nothing more than a very happy customer.

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