Farne Islands (Puffins) Gifts

Farne Island (Puffin) Collection
All designed by Powder Butterfly founder, Corinne Lewis-Ward and made in Britain by our trusted manufacturers, we are incredibly proud of our Farne Island Collection.
Featured Landmarks
Our Farne Islands collection is a celebration of the Puffin wildlife that can be found there. It’s our first collection that doesn’t have a landmark theme, but we love Puffins and the Farne Islands are just off the coast of Northumberland which is very close to where we are based.
The Farne Islands is one of our micro collections. It features wrapping paper, a pin badge a mug and a candle.

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  • Farne Islands Puffin Mug

    Farne Islands Puffin Mug

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  • Puffin Gift Wrap

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  • Puffin Pin Badge

    Puffin Pin Badge

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