University life: gifts to remind them of home

October 01, 2022 2 min read

Leaving home for the first time is a huge step in any young person’s life. And when that move comes as part of going off to university, the changes come thick and fast. But even once you’ve dropped them off at their new digs, it’s not too late to grab them a little something to remind them of home or to celebrate their new city.

This blog provides a run-down of all the best Powder Butterfly products to create a homely and upbeat environment for your new student to kick back, relax and enjoy the student life (but with a touch of homely class too…).

Prints of your favourite cities

Nothing helps your new student feel more at home than a print of their hometown or favourite place to hang on their bedroom wall. Halls of residence rooms can often seem blank and unwelcoming, but hang a few colourful and stylish pieces of art on the wall and they’ll be settling in before you know it.

Our range of high-quality giclee prints could be just the touch of home they’re looking for, and come in the following prints:

Candles to shine a light

Back in my day a student house wasn’t complete without a few candles in old wine bottles. But today’s students are much more discerning, so why not treat your son or daughter to one of our gorgeous, scented candles?

Hand-poured and featuring a choice of scents to light up their home and keep it smelling fresh and fun. Each of our candles comes with a bone china holder and is poured from 100% soy wax. And once the candle is all burned out (up to 50 hours of burn time!), why not recycle the holder as a stylish container for pens or hair accessories? These are super popular and we only have two locations left so grab them while you can. 

Our candles feature hand-drawn designs including:

Tea towels

OK, we all know students don’t really like to wash up – but perhaps a homely tea towel will encourage good habits? We can at least try?

Our glorious range of tea towels are made from 100% cotton and, let’s face it, they’re a piece of art in their own right. Even if they don’t end up drying any dishes, they’ll look amazing hanging on a wall! They’re available in:

Which of our ranges would you like to buy from to give your student a taste of home or a reminder of their favourite places?

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