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April 16, 2021 5 min read

As a small business owner I am always looking for new opportunities. And when Ashleigh King contacted me to produce a range of items for the TEDx Newcastle event that she was organising I couldn't wait to be involved.

Ashleigh at TEDx Newcastle Imagine a World event

The brief was to product a pin badge for attendees and to be sold on the TEDx Newcastle website, an award for the speakers and sponsors, and gift bags for vip guests and speakers.

The pin badge design was inspired by a Newcastle University art student called Jakub Stadnik. Jakub created a colourful X shape that was inspired by the TEDx events theme 'Imagine a World' His concept was to create an X that visually represented peoples imagination, so as you will see in the bottom eft hand corner there is a face and then lots of bright colours exploding out of the top of the persons head. All of these colours symbolise multiple moments of imagination.


TEDx Imagine a World X

My job was to work with my suppliers to represent Jakub's artwork in the best way I could and as it was so painterly and complex there was one process where his artwork needed to be simplified, and this was for the pin badge.

BlindSeePhoto image of the TEX Imagine a World pin badge

As you will see in the stunning image above that BlindSee Photo took of the pin badge demonstrates how the original artwork needed to be simplified. This was to hep the enamelling process and I hope you will agree my manufactures did an amazing job.

 TEDx Imagine a World pin badge with backing card

As part of the brief I also had to design a backing card, we added the official logo and the hashtag that we wanted people to use when they shared their pin badge online. On the reverse of the backing card we had a credit to Jakub who created the original artwork as well.

If you would like to purchase your own pin badge you can here.

Throughout this commission I was really impressed with my clients commitment to acknowledging everyones contribution and their support of small businesses and the local community. TEDx Newcastle has a reputation for raising spirits, aspirations and fostering a sense of wonder and inspiration. And I felt being involved in this amazing event really was an exceptional experience.

The second part of the commission was to create an award that would be given to the official speakers and sponsors of the TEDx Newcastle event. I have some experience in this area as I produced a crystal award for Newcastle University and you can take a look at this here.

TEDx Newcastle Imagine a World Crystal award
The video below gives you a better idea of the beautiful 3 Dimensional etching that is inside the crystal award. The technology used is wonderful and it opens up some very exciting possibilities for multi-layered awards. There is also the Imagine a World text suspended underneath the globe, while the logo and the X artwork are in full colour print on the front of the award.


Below is an image of the crystal award and the pin badge that was produced for the TEDx Newcastle Imagine a World event.

TEDx Newcastle Imagine a World crystal award and pin badge

Another part of this commission, which was extra special, was the gift bag. The most exciting part of this was being able to commission small independent businesses to create gifts that would help us make a really special complimentary gift bag for speakers, sponsors, vip guests and TEDx Team members.

TEDx Newcastle Imagine a World Gift bag

I loved being able to work with small businesses to create these gift bags. Ashleigh was also really keen for the small businesses to be recognised and given the opportunity to be acknowledged so that they would hopefully secure more business. I created a swing tag that promoted the event and social sharing details but it also gave me an opportunity to list the businesses that created beautiful products for the gift bags. 

I was also asked to include one of my fine bone china mugs within the gift bag which was a wonderful opportunity. The small independent businesses that we worked with on this commission were.....

Staiths cafe

Maddi Alexander

Samantha Lois Illustration

Shibui Tea

Penny & Meriwether

TEDx Newcastle gift bag close up

It was really important to have a level of consistency across all of the items that I created for this event. The timescale and the budget was tight as this was an event run by students who volunteered their time. As a designer I wanted to create items that would demonstrate the highly professional and committed attitude of the students and volunteers that worked on this event. 

TEDx Newcastle Imagine a World gift bag close up

I did also attend the event on the 11th of April 2021, and the platform that was used which is called Hopin was such a joy to use. And any hesitation I had about attending an online event were quickly left behind as I attended the first workshop, heard the inspirational talks and got involved with the speed networking. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Ashleigh as a client, she was the perfect client, she already loved my work, she trusted me to have a creative approach that would work, and she was supportive and flexible when needed. 

Ashleigh King at TEDx Imagine a World event

This is what Ashleigh had to say about working with me.

"Working with Corinne has been a pleasure, her attention to detail is incredible and she asks questions that I didn’t realise need answering!

For instance, how something should be packed, what type of experience you would like the recipient to have unboxing it. 
I really enjoyed the little updates I was sent throughout the process, for instance designs to sign off, it made me feel part of the process, and like we had gone on a journey together.
I particularly enjoyed Corinne’s passion for the arts, and small businesses, the artisans and creatives she works with. It felt good to know that we had worked with so many small independent businesses, and contribute to our local economy.
Corinne helped me to create something truly special that our attendees, sponsors, crew and speakers will love and appreciate for years to come - I can’t wait to work with her again!"
- Ashleigh King, Executive Producer & TEDx Licensee, TEDxNewcastleUniversity

You can check out the TEDx Newcastle website here.

The #NurtureYourZest TEDx Newcastle backstage chats will be uploaded here soon.

Ashleigh was an absolute please to work with and she someone that I would advise you connect with on LinkedIn here.

You can also purchase your very own pin badges here.

Ashleigh also has the most amazing pod cast called Nurture Your Zest which you can listen to here.

If you have an event coming up and you would like to work with me, please feel free to get in touch via out contact page.


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