A very special commission

January 12, 2021 2 min read

Bespoke wooden tray with newcastle skyline etch

A very special commission

Every now and then a very special commission comes my way. And I can't wait to share this one with you. But let's start with how it came about.

When I was invited to do the pop up shop in Corbridge the best bit about it was being able to chat with all of my amazing customers. My customers are the best by the way. They love high quality products and they love a good chat too. Which is very handy because anyone that knows me I love a good natter.

One of the benefits of being able to meet your customers face to face is that they can tell you all about the products that they would like to see you make. I do have a notebook where I make a note of all of my customers great ideas, but sometimes customers want to commission an extra special product, and that is where things get very exciting.

Sapele wood tray with Newcastle landmarks etch

You may have guessed what the commission was by the pictures, but I will give you some more details. A lovely lady came into the shop and absolutely fell in love with my luxury wooden chopping boards. She came into the shop with her husband and the Sapele wood chopping boards really made an impression on her. She had been looking for a deep mahogany type wood and she wanted a bespoke tray created for her home.

Sapele wood tray with Newcastle landmark etch

At this stage I asked her what she would like it to look like and she was very open to anything, her only requirement was that the tray would have the Newcastle Skyline etched onto the base of the tray. This is like music to my ears as it is always nice being able to say to your supplier that they can get creative with the shape of the item you want them to make.

Sapele wood tray with Newcastle landmarks etch

It is safe to say that my lovely customer was thrilled with the final result, so much so that she has some other ideas of future commissions that she would like created. I promise to share them with you here once they are made. 

Sapele wood treay with Newcastle landmarks etch and a Whitley Bay mug

This commission was an absolute delight to work on, not just because it was creative and fun, but also because this commission supported my small business, my laser etcher supplier and my furniture designer supplier. I love projects like this where multiple British businesses are supported. This was also the dream commission because my customer was so wonderful throughout the process, she made this an absolute pleasure to work on.

I had to share a picture of my wonderful client in her beautiful home with her gorgeous new tray. So here you are:

Bespoke Tray image of customer in their home

If you have any ideas for bespoke commissions that you would like me to work on then please feel free to get in touch via my contact page here.

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